Multilingual DTP services

We typeset books, Journals and translated documents into below software's with windows and Macintosh platforms.


• Adobe InDesign
• Freehand
• Adobe Acrobat
• Adobe Illustrator
• QuarkXPress
• Adobe PageMaker
• Tex/Latex
• Adobe FrameMaker
• MS Office Applications
• Adobe Photoshop
• MS Publisher

Desktop publishing (DTP) services

Desktop publishing (DTP) services involve replacing a text in one language with the translation in another language in such a manner that the page layout is preserved.
Snowwhite translations, provides a very flexible desktop publishing service based on your exact needs and using your existing artwork template so that the foreign language version mirrors the format of the original. The main advantages of outsourcing your desktop publishing work with your translation is that your operators/designers do not have to deal with languages and foreign scripts they do not know, thus avoiding the risk of piecing together text incorrectly.
Desktop publishing services are vital to the language industry because of the way languages change once translated. Our expert desktop publishers will take into consideration:

• Word swells – translations out of English often expand in volume by between 10% and 25%

• Page layouts – languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are written right–to–left and thus require completely modified page layouts

• Numerical formats – can change from one language to the next. For example, with currencies ,598.00 in English would be .598, 00 in Spanish and 598, 00 in French. In China a yyyy–mm–dd date format is used, in France dd–mm–yyyy, in America mm/dd/yyyy, and in Germany dd/mm/yyyy

• Punctuation formats – quotation marks are different depending on the country targeted. For example, in French, « » angular quotation marks would replace “ “ and in German ” double quotation marks would be used

• Fonts and character sets across languages and platforms

Our team of skilled desktop publishers work together with native–speaking linguists to provide a proof reading service to ensure the meaning of your text is not compromised when adjustments are made to accommodate formatting variations. Collaboration between the desktop publisher and linguist in particular ensures that:
Working with a wide range of software packages on both PC and Mac platforms, we use our technical expertise to create multilingual versions of any documentation. We have the capability to work within all major desktop publishing software including Adobe PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Quark Xpress etc.

• Different language orthographies are respected in the use of capitalization. For example, German ‘Sie’, the formal second person singular or plural pronoun is capitalized along with all its declensions (Ihre, Ihres), but the third person feminine singular and the third person plural pronouns are not

• Words are correctly hyphenated between lines

• The design is adapted to suit the needs of the target language/audience

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Data conversion:

Data conversion is the process of translating data from one format to another. While the concept itself may seem simple, data conversion is a critical step in the process of data integration. This step enables the data to be read, altered, and executed in an application or database other than that in which it was created.