Editing and Proofreading


Editing Services

The editing service is the phase of preparing written text material for publication, in terms of correcting, revising, or adapting it. The translation editing services offered by Snowwhite translation’s include a comparison between source and target text and checking for any kind of error, such as inaccuracies in comprehension, meaning, grammar and punctuation, terminology, style, and any disagreement with the project's instructions.

Proofreading Services

The proofreading service is the final step in our Translation Quality Assurance process, and it is carried out once text editing and final revisions have taken place. The main objective of the proofreading process is to ensure that the translated document is absolutely perfect in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

All Proofreading/Editing will be done by qualified and experienced native speakers Our proofreading service will correct your documents for spelling, language usage, grammar or other inconsistencies. Proof-readers verify content, improve style and ensure clarity of text. Our proof reading service is available regardless of whether we have originally translated the document for you or not. Our editing service will review your documents and rewrite, when necessary, to ensure clarity and efficiency. After finishing the process, will deliver you the proof comments file along with the changes (corrections) we made.